Clipstream® Surveys
Stream videos, audio & images within your online surveys, safely and securely on all devices including mobiles and tablets

Securely deliver video and audio clips in your online surveys

Clipstream® Survey has become the preferred media delivery technology for the world’s largest market research companies powering thousands of online surveys so far.  Stats show that each time a user is prompted to install a plugin or player, the drop out rate increases for the survey sample population.

Leading Market Research companies use Clipstream® Survey secure video in online surveys to test market sensitive and pre-released ads, movie trailers, concepts and other video content on the internet with confidence.

3 devices The new Clipstream® Survey video format will play on most computers, smart Phones, tablets, internet TV's and E-book readers. With no players to download or install and native support from all modern browsers, Clipstream® Survey video encoded content will have the highest play rates. Clipstream® content can easily be secured from unauthorized viewing or duplication to unauthorized domains; and protects content with Dynamic Watermarking of respondents ID.

The proprietary Clipstream® technology is protected by seven pending US patents.

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Clipstream® security is important to us because we promise our clients that Harris Interactive will provide a secure method for handling and testing media stimulus -- often times for a new campaign or a new product. In a world where idea theft can occur by screen scraping or corporate materials can be used in damaging ways, Clipstream enables us to "protect" the materials that have been entrusted to us by our clients.

-- Harris Interactive